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The Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer unit consists of a Zeolite wheel plus an oxidizer unit right after it. The basic operating principle of the Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator equipment is the Volatile Organic Compound VOC emission treatment by adsorption process. The adsorption takes place using a porous material called Zeolitel.

Tecam Group offers advanced environmental technology solutions for the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds VOC emissions derived from production processes in the Industry, through Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator + Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer RTO technology.

Solution designed for:

  • Large air volumes containing small VOC concentration

Technical Advantages

  • Allows large volumes of air to be treated: up to 100,000 Nm3/h per equipment
  • Low operating consumption
  • Low gas and electricity consumption
  • Low annual maintenance cost
  • Cheaper implementation cost than other purification technologies

Equipment Technical Characteristics

The Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator equipment is always installed along with a posterior oxidizer system, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer RTO, to oxidize the flow of concentrated air previously sent from the concentrator. The aim is to send an air flow between 15 to 20 times lower than the initial volume to be treated with a sufficient VOC concentration for the purification equipment to be auto-thermal.

Some Project References with Zeolite wheel + RTO

Zeolite Rotorconcentrator + RTO for VOC emissions abatementZeolite Rotorconcentrator + RTO for VOC emissions abatement_Valencia-Spain

Equipment Components

  • Zeolite Wheel
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer RTO
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