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Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers RCO have lower operating costs for VOC emissions treatment than any other exhaust air emission control solutions, and it is more compact, thus reducing the space needed for the equipment.

The oxidation reaction is performed on a high performance catalysing bed.

Tecam Group designs, manufactures and installs equipment for Volatile Organic Compound VOC emissions treatment through Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer technology (RCO).

Solution designed for:

  • Air Volumes from 1,000 to 30,000 m3/h
  • Low to Medium Solvent Concentration

Technical Advantages:

  • Compact Solution – Does Not Require Much Space
  • Lower Operating Cost than other Solutions for VOC emissions treatment
  • Combustion Gas Treatment
  • Does not Generate any Waste

Equipment Technical Characteristics:

Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers work in a similar way as other VOC emissions treatment thermal system, with the main difference that gas, after going through the flame area, goes directly to the ceramic bed to generate heat, to be taken advantage of for oxidation.

  • Auto thermal point 0.6-0.8g/Nm3
  • High efficiency of the heat exchanger 98 %
  • No gas consumption at auto thermal point
  • Long life catalytic material
  • Full automatic operation
  • Low operation cost
  • Easy Installation
  • Installed inside a 20- or 40-feet container

Some Project References with RCO Technology

Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer RCO

Equipment Components:

  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Filter
  • Catalytic Beds
  • Valves
  • Fan
  • Container

Operational Diagram

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