The Current Most Important Environmental Issues Worldwide

//The Current Most Important Environmental Issues Worldwide

The Current Most Important Environmental Issues Worldwide

There are currently many environmental problems present in the world. As the months go by, we are more aware of how those issues affect the environment and our health. Not only climate change is clear, but also many countries around the world are being altered by each of the following issues.


  1. Pollution

The presence of waste on land, water and air is being very difficult to manage because the rate of creation of polluting waste is greater than that of its treatment for management and disposal. That is, we generate more garbage than we eliminate.

This constant generation of polluting waste can occur in different environments and can have different forms. That is, we talk about solid waste when we refer to plastics, glass, paper or organic waste, among others. Instead, there are gases or emissions that affect the air we breathe and that come from the combustion of various chemical compounds, whether from cars or industries.

In other words, we live surrounded by pollution. All our consumables produce pollution, as well as manufacturers. The production cycle of many products and services pollutes the air and water. Even in the process of planting food, we are exerting polluting activities on the pesticides and chemicals on the farmland.

The solution to this problem is difficult to find, since it requires changing, not only the production processes, but also many of our habits of daily behavior. For example, one of our biggest issues is the pollution of our oceans.To solve it, we must make a great effort to reduce the consumption of plastic in a considerable volume.


  1. Shortage of Water

Although our planet is water for the most part, not all water is suitable for human consumption. However, we find ourselves with a desolating future panorama with the dumping of toxic waste into our rivers, the recreational use of lakes and lagoons, the waste of water, and the little management of water resources on behalf of governments worldwide.

It is a reality that nowadays people are already dying because of the lack of drinking water. Can you imagine spending a whole day without being able to drink water? Well, this is a reality in many places in the world.

Among the causes of water scarcity, the previous ones are the most obvious, but we must not forget the contamination of the soil. The more the soil is degraded, the less permeable and, therefore, there is a loss of the flow of groundwater.

We can see how all our environmental problems are interrelated among them.


  1. Global Warming

Global warming is a consequence of air pollution generated by the emissions of toxic gases that cause the temperature to rise, more than it should, due to the Greenhouse Effect.

Specifically, the Greenhouse gases are the cause of the increase of temperature. Greenhouse gases are atmospheric gases that emit infrared rations. The emission of gases from industrial activities increases the level of gases concentration, and in recent years the increase in temperatures is growing rapidly.

The main consequence of the increase of the global warming is the rise of the sea level, besides the meteorological changes that imply more intense storms and prolonged droughts.

To fight against this environmental problem, industries should treat and manage the large amount of emissions generated by fossil combustion and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).


  1. Climate Change

Finally, Climate Change is one of the environmental issues most concern experts and scientists, as it affects human life. Climate Change is a phenomenon that involves an alteration in the climate system affecting temperature, precipitation, cloudiness and humidity, among other factors.

Climate Change is related to air pollution and global warming. That is to say, the global warming of our planet has climate change as a consequence, since not only do we speak of an increase of temperatures, but also of a series of consequences that affect the climate, and therefore the life of people, animals and plants.

However, we must not forget that air pollution is a consequence of the excessive and uncontrolled production of human beings. Our consumption habits and overpopulation has increased the emissions of polluting gases disproportionately.


Solutions and Environmental Awareness

From Tecam Group, we want to create environmental awareness, both in people as well as in economic and industrial production systems. Our technology solutions are designed to treat and manage the emissions and the waste generated by industries during their production processes.

We focus our efforts on the elimination of VOC emissions and the incineration of industrial waste. Tecam Group offers custom-made cleantech solutions for all industries, adapting the project 100% to the technical requirements of customers.