Successful presentation of Tecam Group environmental technology at IE Expo Shanghai 2019

17th April 2019 Tecam Group finished today its successful participation at IE Expo Shanghai 2019 exhibition, where visitors could learn more about our environmental turn-key projects for Exhaust Air Treatment and for Industrial Waste Incineration in China. It was a fruitful event for international and local experts, where Tecam Group was able to present for [...]


The Current Most Important Environmental Issues Worldwide

There are currently many environmental problems present in the world. As the months go by, we are more aware of how those issues affect the environment and our health. Not only climate change is clear, but also many countries around the world are being altered by each of the following issues.   Pollution The presence [...]


World Health Day: Pollution’s Effects on Human Health

When we think about air pollution, we think about black smoke coming out of stacks in a grey, industrial area in a developing country. And that is also the case. But not only. Air pollution comes in different forms and not always visible to the human eye. Origin of World Health Day To raise awareness [...]


Tecam Group to present its environmental technology for the Petroleum and Refining industry at PEFTEC 2019 in Rotterdam

12th March 2019 Tecam Group will be participating at PEFTEC 2019 as an exhibitor in Rotterdam on 22-23 May 2019 to present its environmental technology for exhaust air treatment and waste incineration for the Petroleum and Refining industry. Tecam Group is your expert supplier of: Oxidizers: Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO), Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers (RCO), Adsorption sytems: Zeolite [...]