Tecam Group offers Thermal Oxidizers for VOC Emissions Abatement.

Tecam Group offers advanced environmental technology solutions for the reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds VOC emissions derived from production processes from the Industry:

Exhaust Gas Emission Treatment:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC emissions treatment, through the following technology:
    • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
    • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO)
    • Zeolite Rotor-Concentrator plus Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
  • Other Gases:
    • VAM (Ventilation Air Methane) in Mines
    • Methane Treatment in Landfills
    • Active Carbon Filters
    • Catalysers for NOx Treatment

Solid & Liquid Waste Incineration for industrial, municipal, hospital, animal and naval vessel waste.

Tecam Group offers turn-key technological solutions. Our product is designed tailor-made to meet 100% our customer’s specific requirements and incorporates high-end quality materials from top-tier suppliers. Tecam Group equipment complies with all EU equipment manufacturing requirements (CE).

Our Core Business

  • Our Motivation: Founded to provide solutions to the growing need of reducing polluting VOC emissions derived from production processes, which are hazardous for people and the environment
  • How We Do It: Through our own-developed technology, vertically-integrated, and turn-key solutions (design, manufacturing, installation, start-up and maintenance)
  • What We Offer: Environmental technology solutions for the Industry.

Quality Policy

Tecam Group has implemented a Quality Management System to manage documents, processes, procedures and responsibilities to achieve quality policies and objectives. This Quality Management System coordinates and directs Tecam Group‘s activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements, international quality standards and improve effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis, as a way to continuing delivering high quality environmental technology for the industry.


With the challenges we’re facing in the current market situation, with higher expectations from Customers and Stakeholders, Tecam Group’s Management Team understands that Quality is oriented to satisfying our Customers and Stakeholders through the committment of the whole Organisation in accomplishing its needs and requirements, as well as legal and product requirements, and that it is a vital element that ensures the success of the Company. Therefore, Tecam Group has implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 Norm to improve the Service offered to its customers.

TECAM GROUP’s priority is the committment with Quality with regards to the design, assembly and technical assistance of equipment and units of: Oil & Gas, electricity and steam production, as well as environmental projects of exhaust air treatment and industrial waste incineration, assigning and providing the resources required to obtain the information that enables results analysis as a foundation to decision-making that lead us to continuous improvement.

The Quality Management System implemented takes the following aspects into consideration:

– Quality and its improvement is a responsibility of all members of the Organization, starting from the top.

– Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Quality Management System, having in mind the internal and external context of the organization at all times.

– Quality is based on the Continuous Improvement of both productive procedures and services, as well as efficiency of the Quality Management System in which preventing mistakes is a key aspect.

– Quality lead us to pay maximum attention to technological evolution and to the possible improvements that new technologies may bring us.

– Quality requires the participation and cooperation of everybody – thus this Policy is announced to all the Company staff for their reference and comprehension.

Moreover, in order to evaluate the advances in terms of Quality, the Management Team of TECAM GROUP defines the Company Objectives for all the areas on an anual basis, which are then communicated to all the Company staff.

TECAM GROUP is communicating this information for its implementation in all levels, considering each one of its members as an active part in this Policy.

In Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

Latest Update: 11th August 2017

Bernat Sala Maestro, CEO of Tecam Group

Milestones & History

2005 – Founded in Barcelona, Spain

2006 – First international customer

2010 – International Expansion commenced

2011 – Moved to larger facilities

2012 – 70% revenue increase in comparison to 2011

2013 – Opening of Representative Sales Office in Moscow, Russia

2014 – International expansion plans to be consolidated in non-EU markets

2015 – Team doubled to strengthen expansion

2016 – Significant business turnover increase

2017 – Consolidation in China market